CAP Cadet History Project

Newly minted C/WO von Thenen, NY Wing, Queens Group, late 1970s

COS, 1975

WA Wing Cadet Janice Boucher and Canadian friends, Ft Lewis WA, 1974

Shade OG-107s/507s, "Pickle Greens", authorized for females, 1975:

Female cadets could not officially wear green fatigues until 1975, although they are seen wearing them around 1974.  Availability of female fatigues was a problem for a few years.

A polyester cotton blend version of the OG-107, known as OG-507, was released in the mid-1970s.

1974 Communications-Electronics Course, Keesler AFB

Well, it was the 70s...

C/Maj William Betz, NY Wing, Queens Group, circa 1976.

CA Wing color guard wearing the shade 1549 shirt, 1978

"Peter Pan" collar, 1976

USAF Academy Survival School, 1974

The Air Force and CAP Go All-Blue:

The Air Force introduced the current blue shade 1550 shirt as an optional item in 1971.  It was worn with the older shade 1549 pants.  The AF transitioned to all-blue uniforms soon after, eliminated the khaki summer uniforms and the distinctive WAF uniforms.  The female blue uniform was similar in composition to the male uniform, with the shade 1550 shirt and dark blue skirt.  The female shirt had a rounded feminine "Peter Pan" collar.  Females had to wear the tie-tab at all times, until the current pointed collar shirt was authorized in 1984.  

The service dress uniform for males and females remained the same: dark blue coat and pants (or skirt) over the light blue shirt.

CAP made the transition around 1973.  The uniforms are similar to modern cadet blues, except they had no epaulets until 1977.

For females, the flight cap was replaced by the female beret until the mid-eighties.  The female beret is pictured below.

Ultramarine blue appears, 1971:

The Air Force change its insignia and nametapes to ultramarine blue in the mid 1960s.  CAP followed in 1971.  When the Air Force changed back to OD, CAP retained the blue.

COS, 1976

You're envious, I know - the Smurf Suit, 1976:

This was an optional uniform for all members, especially those who did not meet grooming standards, or wanted a comfortable flight uniform.  Nomex flight suits were (and still are) more expensive.

In the 80s some Florida Wing units had a New Cadet program that put new cadets into the Smurf Suit, and only the Smurf Suit, for the first few achievements.  Cadets could not wear another type of uniform until they completed the New Cadet program. 

$19.25 worth of poly/cotton comfort.

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IL Wing Flight Encampment, 1978

The shade 84/1549 shirt revisited:

It's amazing how long this option was available.  In 1951 it was the shade 84 shirt , and became shade 1549 in the late 1960s.  It was not phased out until 1 July 1988.