MA Wing cadets stand for inspection at encampment, late 1960s

New cadet program introduces shoulderboards, 1964:

See the topic grade insignia for more.

This appears to be a modern cadet, but this image is actually from 1970.  This cadet is wearing the WAF female fatigue uniform.

Looks familiar, but this is not the modern enlisted flight cap device.  This is the service cap device for all cadets, 1961 to 1974.  Enlisted cadets could wear the service cap.  It was also worn on the "female beret", used from the early 1970s until the late 1980s.

Service caps were officially approved for cadet wear in 1961:

Although cadets wore them throughout the fifties.  See hat devices for the full story.

The service cap was worn with a white band until 1971.

Cadet 2nd Lt Mark Bright sits in a T-34, OH Wing, 1968

CO Wing cadet, 1971

Note the leadership shoulder insignia on his right shoulder.

OR Wing cadets Rick Busig and Kenny, 1970

Unidentified NC Wing cadet, 1962

NY Wing cadet, 1969

CAP Cadet History Project

CO Wing cadets who completed ground school receive their certificates, March 1967

Aerospace Age Orientation Course, 1966

Not quite ready:

CO Wing Cadets Phillip Biersdorfer and Michael Arhutick accept their Earhart awards, 1967

CO Wing, 1964

New summer shade 1505 uniform, mid 1960s:

The summer shade 1505 uniform was released for the Air Force in 1963, and replaced the long sleeve shade 1 and short sleeved all-cotton shade 505.  I am unsure of the exact approval date for CAP, and it is very difficult to differentiate between the two in photos. 

The not so obvious difference between this and the previous summer shade 505 uniform: poly/cotton blend fabric.  The poly/cotton didn't require as much starch, and was lighter in weight.

Early cadet shoulder boards with pinback grade insignia

Uniforms in the late 1960s:

Fatigues and the WAF Female Fatigues:

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s CAP did not require one specific type of fatigues.  This changed for male cadets in 1969 when CAP required the all cotton OG-107 fatigues, also know as "pickle greens."  Female cadets were officially authorized to wear OG-107s in 1975.

A New WAF Summer Uniform is Approved, 1966:

The summer "cotton cord" uniform was approved for cadet wear around 1966.  Like the previous WAF summer uniform, it was pale blue.  Note the shorter skirt.

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