CAP Cadet History Project

More examples of winter and summer uniforms:

Cadet Carl Lindberg, CA Wing, in the tan shade 505 uniform before his first meeting, 1958.

WI Wing cadets listen to SMSgt Carman describe the Hound Dog missile, 1961.  From left to right, John Griffin, Terry Connors, Dick Collins, and Senior Member Richard Gauger.

Three sets of twins from MD Wing pause for a photo before going to summer encampment at Charleston AFB in SC, 17 July1962.
From left to right they are Russell and Paul Carter; William and Robert Hall; and Richard and Donald Jordan.

NY Wing, early 1960s

PA Wing cadets with AF Thunderbird pilot MAJ "Hoot" Gibson, 1961.
The stiff fatigue cap was called the "Ridgeway" cap, and was worn into the late 1960s.

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PA Wing cadets in fatigues chat with the Chaplain, 1961.

A cadet presents an IACE key of goodwill to

GEN Douglas MacArthur, 1960.

CA Wing, 1962

Two cadets from MD Wing receive their IACE pins before departing to their sponsor country, 25 July 1958.  On the left is Cadet Sheldon Sulphin who was bound for Cuba, and Cadet Grover Peterson in the middle was headed to France.  The presenter was CAP Lt Col Court Henkel, also from MD Wing.  Note the cadet in the middle is wearing the "bush jacket."

Cadets of the Keystone drill team, PA Wing, mid to late 1950s.

CA Wing, 1963

USAF Tan shade 505 and the bush jacket:

The Air Force finally released its own summer uniform in the mid-1950s, and completely phased out the Army khakis in 1959.  For the Air Force the tan uniform could be worn in an array of configurations.  The uniform options included shorts, pants, short sleeved shirt and the summer service jacket ("bush jacket"). 

The tan shade 505 shirt was the first short sleeved shirt, for the Air Force and CAP.  Like the khaki shirt, It was also 100% cotton, but had no epaulets.  The shade 505 "bush jacket" was an optional summer uniform for cadets, and echoed British bush jackets.  CAP members were not authorized to wear the shorts.

The tan shade 505 uniform was approved, but not required for CAP, in 1958.  CAP appears to have had a longer transition - most cadets are seen wearing the long sleeve shade 1 khaki shirt well into the mid 1960s.  The regulations advised the old style khaki shirt should be issued and worn "until [supplies are] exhausted."  The tan shade 505 uniform was worn from 1958 into the late 1960s.

The visual "take home" point is short sleeve is tan, long sleeve is khaki.

On a personal note, I have talked to men who were cadets when this uniform was in use.  They assure me the bush jacket was considered to be "too cool!" and popular among cadets.

Tan shade 505 summer service uniform, or "bush jacket."

Fatigues in the early 1960s:

NC Wing cadets preside over a meeting, Sept 1958.