Stephen Austen  joined the CAP cadet program in 1965, and was able to remain an active cadet into 1972.  As a high-achieving Louisiana Wing cadet, Steve earned Falcon award #103 on 17 July 1972, and Spaatz award #161 on 31 December 1971.  He also published stories which detail his experiences in IACE and the USAFA Survival Course:

Shoulder cords, L to R: Wing Cadet Advisory Council, SWR CAC Vice Chairman, SWR CAC Chairman, National Cadet Advisory Council

Awards and decorations, starting between the shoulder boards: 

Frank Borman Falcon award device and medal

Meritorious Service award, Unit Citation, Spaatz award, Earhart award, Mitchell award, Goddard achievement, Doolittle achievement, Lindbergh achievement, Rickenbacker achievement, Wright Brothers achievement, Arnold achievement, Curry achievement, Cadet Advisory Council ribbon, IACE ribbon, SAR ribbon, Red Service ribbon, Cadet Recruiter, Encampment ribbon, AFROTC Distinguished Extracurricular Activities award

Stephen Austen after the water survival course at the USAFA Survival School, July 1972.

IACE Cadets from multiple nations gather for instructions in Sweden, July 1970.  Stephen Austen is directly under the number 7 on the tail.

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