Cadets wearing female fatigues, CO Wing, 1964

Nametape for fatigues/BDUs, 1971-2016:

The ultramarine blue nametape was introduced in 1971, except the CAP tape was moved to the left side, the nametape to the right.  They are still in use.

Why blue?  The Air Force changed to ultramarine blue on fatigues in the mid 1960s.  When the Air Force transitioned back to OG, CAP retained the blue.

Ultramarine blue to dark blue, 2016:

CAP was authorized to wear the USAF's ABU in 2016.  The ultramarine blue nametapes, badges, and grade insignia changed to dark blue.

FL Wing, 1981

Pocket Insignia for Fatigues, 1966-71:

C/1st Lt Jack Boardman, 1966

Pocket Insignia and Nameplate for Service Uniforms, 1966-78:

The metal badge and nameplate combination was worn on the service coat and khaki or blue uniform shirt until the current three-line blue nameplate was introduced in 1978.

Cadet Breast Badge, 1952-66:

Worn on all uniforms: fatigues, service coat, and shirt.

C/Lt Bill Worden, TX Wing, circa 1948

MS Wing, 1973


FL Wing, 1968

PA Wing encampment, 1961

Standardized Nameplate, 1960:

A standard nameplate was released in 1960, but was considered optional until 1966.  It could be worn on all uniforms below the cadet breast badge.

NY Wing, 1969

Blue three-line nameplate, 1978:

The blue plastic nameplate replaced the metal two-piece nameplate in 1978.  It is still in use.

CAP Cadet History Project

Right Pocket Patch, 1942-52:

Worn over the right pocket.

During WWII cadets had the option to wear the metal CAPC insignia over the right pocket.  See CAPC/CAP insignia.

The CAPC patch was required from 1949-52.