CAP Cadet History Project

NY Wing Drill Team, Mitchel AFB, NY, 1956

This photo was most likely taken at the 1949 National Drill Competition, at Lowry AFB, CO.  Maj Gen Lucas Beau presents the Stone trophy to C/Sgt Arthur Barton, Drillmaster of NJ Wing.  Barton advanced to the International  Drill Competition as the Team Commander.

New Orleans Squadron, LA Wing Drill Team, Mitchel AFB, NY, 1948

Col George A Stone Memorial Trophy

National Drill Competition, 1948-65:

CAP established the National Drill Competition in 1948.  The rules were actually established by USAF Ceremonial Detachment, Bolling AFB, Washington DC, and it mirrored Army ROTC's drill competition.  This competition had three events: uniform inspection, standard drill and innovative drill.  Competitions were held at Wing, then Regional, and finally National level.  From 1948-56 teams had thirty-three marching members, with six alternates and one Drillmaster (Team Commander).  From 1957-65 teams had eighteen marching members, with three alternates, and one Drillmaster.  The first National competition was held at Mitchel AFB, located on Long Island, NY.  Winners from 1949-59 were awarded the Colonel George A. Stone Trophy.  From 1960-65 the trophy had no name.

​Membership in a drill team was a year round commitment, which required above average patience and a tremendous work ethic.

Females could field teams, but the team could not be mixed sex until 1975.

Forty cadets from the National Competition were selected for the International Drill Competition.

For results and extensive details for every year, you can visit this excellent Wikipedia page.