CAP Cadet History Project

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​Year and team not provided by CAP, taken between 2003-07.

NCC lapel pin, only given to participants at the National level.

National Cadet Competition, 1974 - 2013:

The first "Cadet Olympics" was held in October 1974, in Dallas, TX.  This was the first time a drill competition had been held since 1965, except this event featured more than drill: drill competition, "measured mile" run, and aerospace education tests (written and oral).  Teams from 1974-78 had eighteen marching members with three alternates and a Team Commander, and could not be mixed sex until 1975.  The name was changed to the National Cadet Competition (NCC) in 1975.  After 1978 teams had a total of sixteen members, including the Team Commander.  It is unknown exactly when, but at some point in the late 1970s the competition expanded to include: drill competition, standard and innovative; in-ranks inspection; the one mile run; volleyball tournament; and an aerospace written test and panel quiz (Jeopardy! style).  

​Each Wing could only send one drill team to Regional Competition.  The winners of the eight Regional Competitions went on to National Competition.  Beginning in 1978, winners were awarded the United States Air Force Chief of Staff Sweepstakes Award Trophy.  

Membership in a NCC drill team required months of uncommon patience and hard work.  In some Wings and Regions the competition was fierce, and winning was considered the pinnacle of a cadet's career.

In 1996 a color guard competition was added to the NCC.

The 2014 NCC was cancelled while National Headquarters reviewed and modified the NCC program to make it "squadron friendly" and appeal to more cadets.  .

For details and results for each year, see this excellent Wikipedia page.