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Subtotal: $ 210.00


Ive gone from working two jobs 7 days roughly 55 to 60hrs a week to near nothing over the last two weeks. Its been a struggle to go from being offered full-time contracts from both of my work places which I absolutely love to now not working at all. Covid-19 has delayed everything for me as I didn’t get to sign any contracts before everything went into lockdown and to top it off I’m not even eligible for the governments jobkeeper payments as I haven’t even been in Canberra for 8 months. In hospitality we follow the work/shifts for a lot of us its seasonal we go from place to place to secure our pays and that’s how we survive. It seems like the government doesn’t care about our industry or even understands it by putting the limits on for jobkeeper. Im lucky I was offered a supervisor role for my main job in the restaurant at the pub and that will be there when the restrictions ease so I know I’m lucky.

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