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Statement attributable to Karma Lord, spokesperson for Hospo Voice, the hospitality arm of the United Workers fifa电竞观看比分:

“The New South Wales Government’s ‘Out and About’ voucher scheme announced today must not go towards lining the pockets of known wage thieves. 

“Some venues do the right thing and look after their staff. But there are others who behave badly and rip their workers off day in day out. 

“But patrons can do something about it. Go to our venue-rating site Fair Plate ( ) to see what’s really happening under the table in your favourite venues and feel good about where you go.

“Reviews on Fair Plate helped lift the lid on major wage theft scandals including those with celebrity chefs Shannon Bennett, George Calombaris, Neil Perry and at Sydney’s upscale French restaurant Meu Jardim. 

“Hospitality staff have left thousands of reviews to show you which places are stealing wages and treating people badly. So as the hospitality industry reopens, jump online and use this tool to support good venues that respect and pay their staff fairly.”

Fair Plate is part of Hospo Voice’s #RebuildHospo campaign which aims to use the industry reopening to press reset on wage theft, insecure work and sexual harassment.

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