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I’m just arrived almost 2 month ago in Sydney hoping to start a new adventure in this country wishing to stay and work here as much I can, but unfortunately the plan is almost done. I didn’t lost my job but from Monday 23th they close the venue where I was working until further notice. I applied in several place wishing to get even a part time job to cover my bills but the situation is so critic. Even in the big stores have stop to hiring. On the moment me an my parter are staying home waiting to hear good news from the government wishing to back work as soon as possible. We even dealing with our landlord to get a lower price rent because otherwise if we don’t back to work in a month we will be constricted to back in our home country, loosing a lot of money and the chance to work through the farm to get the possibility to renew the 2nd year working holiday visa. We are so sad and a bit demotivated, but we still hope that everything is going to be all right soon for everybody in the world.

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