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Subtotal: $ 210.00


I am self isolating because of flu like symptoms for two weeks on the advice of my GP. I do not qualify for Corona testing.Even with the latest guidelines as per circular released today, I STILL do not qualify for Covid Leave. I will soon revert to leave without pay because of this virus, and the restrictions on testing. I am a single mother on a low income already.

If I don’t have Coronavirus, I will soon, because of the state governments refusal to close schools. I understand that critical workers need child care so they can do their jobs, but the less people that attend the school, the better chance we have of maintaining some social distancing and clean hands and door handles.

I phoned the school I work at this morning, as a parent, where they confirmed there was no cleaning of desk or door handles happening throughout the day, only before school starts.

I choose to take the personal financial hit because I have a social conscience, where is the governments social conscience?

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