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On 11 November 2019, National fifa电竞观看比分 of Workers and United Voice will merge to create the United Workers fifa电竞观看比分. This marks the beginning of a new union committed to standing with everyday working people and our 150,000 members in their struggle for secure jobs, decent pay and respect at work.

Both unions have a long history of organising around issues of casualization, wage theft and exploitation in low paid industries. Together, United Workers fifa电竞观看比分 will have coverage across major supply chains of the Australian economy, with potential membership of up to two million workers.

Quotes attributable to Tim Kennedy, United Workers fifa电竞观看比分 National Secretary

“Today is an exciting day for 150,000 members who are the face of a modern, diverse and powerful new union. Together we will take action to win job security and decency at work.“

“We are a union committed to social justice in Australia and abroad. This means re-building the power of workers to take action in their workplaces and communities on the issues that matter to them.”

“The world of work is changing, with workers facing new challenges of climate crisis, automation and increasingly insecure employment relationships. United Workers fifa电竞观看比分 will ensure workers are at the centre of important decisions to be made about these changes so that no-one is left behind.”

Quotes attributable to Jo-anne Schofield, United Workers fifa电竞观看比分 President

“We see great opportunity as Australia’s largest general union to make a significant, long-lasting impact on issues facing our members such as job insecurity, wage stagnation and lack of respect.”
“It’s getting harder and harder for Australian workers to get a fair deal at work, with workers and unions under attack. United Workers fifa电竞观看比分 will be at the forefront to turn this around, taking action on growing inequality and working on solutions for the challenges facing working people today and into the future.”
“The United Workers fifa电竞观看比分 goes forward with the overwhelming endorsement of our members who
have a proud history of punching above their weight on issues facing them and United Workers fifa电竞观看比分 will build on this, winning national campaigns that will improve the lives of our members.”

45,000 members across NUW and United Voice cast their vote for the new union during a 35 day Australian Electoral Commission ballot conducted earlier this year, with 95 percent of members voting yes.




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