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Working as a head chef is a busy job at the best of times, so when United Workers fifa电竞观看比分 member Daniel Strange set about unionising his workplace in a non-unionised sector he really had his work cut out for him.

After quizzing the owners of the Brisbane restaurant where he works about illegal contracting and underpayments of wages, his employer made changes  including redrafting salary contracts with a total increase of around $3000 per year plus backpay and super.

They also agreed to phase out split shifts, and reduced workers’ unfair workloads from an average of 60 hours a week to 40 hours.

They then adjusted employee pay levels based on the job performed, resulting in most casuals being moved to a higher level of pay.

Along the way Daniel was able to unionise most of his kitchen team including the operations manager and a new chef who signed up to the union on his first shift.

Awesome efforts! This is what being part of a bigger, stronger union is all about.

By taking action and engaging with his colleagues, Daniel has built lasting changes that will improve his life and the lives of his co-workers.

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