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Statement attributable to United Workers fifa电竞观看比分 National Secretary Tim Kennedy

The vast majority of workers we represent want to get vaccinated, but many have been unable to do so.”

“The vaccine roll-out has been bungled from the get-go, not just through the lack of availability and access but through confusing and mixed messaging from both the Federal and State Liberal governments.

“The announcement last week – which essentially gave workers in affected local government areas just 10 days to arrange a vaccination – will cause huge disruption to the supply chain and has already caused workers to panic.

“We have had people calling the union distressed, worried about their job. They tell us that they have tried to book a dose but cannot secure an appointment until after the Monday 30 August deadline.

“The workers affected are employed in essential industries and have turned up to work at the risk of infecting themselves and their families, with little-to-no support from their employer and minimal support from the Government charged with protecting them.

“The union wrote to the NSW Government three weeks’ ago calling for immediate crisis meetings to be convened between unions, employers and State Government representatives.

“This request went unheeded and as a result of this lack of consultation, decisions are being made without a realistic understanding of their practicalities.

“The door is still open, however and we look forward to a more collaborative environment to prevent the further spread of this insidious disease.”


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