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tell southern cross care: it's time to make a fair offer


Aged care workers at Southern Cross Care have made demands for better pay, more time to care and more staff but management are not listening. 

After aged care workers worked tirelessly to care for older Australians through the pandemic, Southern Cross Care is offering a meagre 4% pay increase – that’s below the inflation rate and means workers will be going backwards. 

Stingy pay increases don’t apply to Southern Cross Care executives – their pay went up by 9 per cent to $7 million in the latest annual report. 

Southern Cross Care MUST act to give workers more time to care – and pay attention to the fact more than 300 reports of understaffing were made by Southern Cross Care workers to Aged Care Watch

Southern Cross Care MUST listen to their workers. 

Time is up, Southern Cross Care workers are demanding a fair offer, and won’t give up.


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