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Make sure you’ve downloaded a copy of our COVID infection safety checklist . Print it out, hang it up and make sure that you (and your coworkers) know when you can cease work to protect your safety.

Click here to download [PDF]

2 Sign up for training.  Register for union training and learn how to keep yourself and your coworkers safe through the pandemic.

Register for the next Covid Safety Workshop →
Sign up for HSR training →

3 Organise for paid leave or access in your workplace . Fill out this form to learn where to start & how to get your coworkers & employer on board.

4 Workplace cleanliness COVID-19 guidelines. These guidelines contain information and answers to important questions such as, how soon any cleaning should commence – and what employers must provide for workers doing the cleaning.

Download our Covid-19 Workplace Cleanliness document here [PDF].

Petition for fair and transparent COVID-19 testing standards for your workplace . Make sure your employer has a clear policy for COVID testing at work.

Download the petition & testing standards:

Click here to download PDF version

CLick here to download Word Document [.docx] version

6 Make sure your workplace has elected HSRs. A Health & Safety Representative (HSR) is a worker who is elected by their workmates to represent their safety interests, not the employer’s interests. 

A HSR has rights to use paid time to investigate risks and to talk to workers, and to attend union run safety training.  The have powers to force employers to provide information, to issue legally binding improvement notices and to issue cease work orders.

To get elected worker health and safety reps with powers in your workplace:

Download the HSR petition document [PDF]



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