CAP Cadet History Project

1998 - present

While this Cadet Program has the same backbone of the 1964 program, in my opinion the changes in 1998 were dramatic enough to call this a new generation. 



Phases were significantly realigned from the fourth generation, including expansion of the Phase I and IV achievements, with subsequent reduction of Phase II and III.

Removal of C/Sgt and C/FO.  Addition of C/SrA and the "Super NCO" grades.  (The grade system had been roughly the same since 1964.)

Addition of the Eaker Award as a milestone award.

Addition of achievements to the "Sorenson program" for the first time (Armstrong).


Addition of another achievement (Feik) and making what was an achievement a milestone award (Wright Brothers).

Phase shift which resulted from promotion to C/SSgt upon achieving the Wright Brothers Award.

1998 CAPVA 52-1 Cadet Program Achievements
2003 CAPVA 52-1 Cadet Program Achievements
2009 Cadet Super Chart
2011 Cadet Super Chart

Some positive revisions were made to the curriculum as well.  For instance, leadership lab focuses on teaching cadets about leadership at different levels.  In previous generations the leadership lab was in large part a drill and ceremonies manual.

For categorizing the various cadet programs, I believe this constitutes a fifth generation

Currently the cadet program has 16 achievements with 5 milestones.


Cadets were authorized to wear ABUs June 2016.