CAP Cadet History Project

The top two functional titles are from the Air and Space Museum Website, Special Collections.

Check in at the first DE Wing encampment, 1944

Encampment Patches, 1949-54:

I am unsure exactly when each version of the patch was used.  The lower version is seen in the Civil Air Patrol Manual that was released in August 1949.  It seems the upper version was released later.  It is possible they were released around the same time.  The version with the red propeller was reportedly a manufacturer's error.  Some Wings used it to indicate completion of a second encampment.  The patch was worn on the left sleeve, as illustrated below.  It was replaced by the encampment ribbon in 1954.


Photo is from the 1949 Civil Air Patrol Manual.  Note the encampment patch on the far right cadet.

Functional Titles:

In WWII cadets were authorized to wear these on their left shirt sleeve, between the round cadet patch and chevrons.  They are approximately three inches long.

Cadet Leadership School Patch, 1968:

The first Cadet Leadership School (CLS) was held at Reno-Stead, NV in 1968.  It was again held in NV in 1969.  The CLS was a survival-based leadership school.  It moved to Maxwell AFB in 1970, and was renamed Cadet Officer School (COS).  COS focuses on academics, public speaking, and leadership development activities.

This was worn on the right pocket of fatigues only.

Air Corps Enlisted Reserve (ACER) Patch, 1943-45:

Cadets who were also enlistees in the Air Corps Enlisted Reserve wore this patch on their left pocket.  See also training and metal insignia.

circa 1954


IACE Uniform Nametape:

Worn over the right pocket of the white button up shirt.  Authorized in 1968, it was worn into the 1980s.