CAP Cadet History Project

How Civil Air Patrol Cadet History Project began:

This site was initially created July 2012 as a vehicle for a comprehensive history of the Civil Air Patrol cadet program, which was available as a Powerpoint presentation.  Over time, the contents of the Powerpoint have been integrated into this website.

With the help of CAP members and historians nationwide, this website has grown beyond the presentation.  Through a variety of other efforts and projects, many people have worked countless volunteer hours to ensure CAP's history is protected and preserved.  They have graciously shared some of their archives and resources with me. 

This is a tribute to the cadet program we love and revere.

Where should you start?

Of course, I realize not everyone has the same level of interest in history.  A good start might be with the photo galleries or quick history, then move on from that point.  The quick history gives you an overview of each generation of the cadet program, including uniforms, training, and promotion.  The timeline covers cadet program history in the context of US and World history.  If you want to research with the same sources I used, many manuals and documents are in the library, with more to come.  The Encyclopedia Minutiae gets into the nitty-gritty, the smallest details of each cadet program.  I particularly enjoyed the conversations that lead to the writing of the "Cadet Stories." 

This is a perpetual work in progress:

The site will change frequently.

I hope this website will be a useful resource for all historians, and a source of nostalgia for former cadets.

The information presented here is the result of thousands of hours of research using original manuals, pamphlets, reports, newsletters, documents, and letters - most of which are on this website.

Please see the disclaimers at the bottom of this page.

This website was created by a former member of CAP and is not endorsed by Civil Air Patrol, the USAF, or anyone really.  It is for education and reminiscing only.  While I have received help from CAP members, the thoughts and opinions presented here do not represent official CAP policies. 

I am not an official CAP historian. 

This is not a business or affiliated with a business, nor will I ever profit from this website.

All photographs used on this website are for non-profit educational purposes only.  Reproduction for financial gain is not authorized.